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Why use espresso pods?

The main advantages of espresso coffee pods are their ease of use and consistent results. With espresso pods the work is already done, absolute freshness, exact weight, exact grind with no spoilage and no mess.

ESE espresso coffee pods are single serve portions of finely ground coffee encapsulated in a special filter paper. The espresso pod is then sealed in a foil bag and flushed with nitrogen to avoid oxidation. This process guarantees that the volatile fresh roasted aromas and flavours of the coffee are retained to be enjoyed by you, the consumer.

In Europe, ESE coffee pods are also known as kaffee-pads, espresso-pads or ESE pads in Germany, cafe en dosette ESE or dosettes expresso in France, cialde in Italy and ESE servings in Holland.

Five reasons why you should use espresso pods...

The coffee is already ground and compressed into the pod, so there is no need for a coffee grinder.

The long, full-bodied flavour stays in the coffee because each pod is individually foil-wrapped and sealed.

Perfect in the office because there are no coffee grinds one after the other - just throw the pod away.

Set up the machine, order your pods regularly over the internet for fast international delivery.

Espresso pods are cost-effective; a quick and efficient way for an untrained barista to make real Italian Coffee!

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